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We have received inquiries about the ministry of John G. Lake while he lived in the Portland, Oregon area. Here are some pictures of the path he walked and the house he lived in. We have also included the vision he had while walking on this path at Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. Included are the eight basic principles he lived his life by. 




 From the street he lived on looking up the path where the vision happened.

John G. Lake's house looking down from the top of the path.



In May, 1920, John G. Lake moved to Portland, Oregon to start and oversee another Apostolic Church. During this time he had the following vision:

He could not sleep so he walked in the shadows of the tall trees in Mount Tabor Park.

“Through the park is a footpath coming down through the trees that leads out to the street where we live, and in my vision I was seemingly out in the street, at the foot of this footpath, and as I looked up in the park I was attracted by a quite brilliant light far up in the park. It was very slowly coming down the pathway to the street. I stood somewhat surprised, supposing it was some night man on some duty in the park, probably searching for something or somebody. As it approached I discovered that, instead, it was an angel presence, and the brilliance was an illumination surrounding him. He stood a few feet from me, and said to me, "I have come to answer your prayers. Come with me.”

Three wreaths:  black, pink white.

One dropped in San Francisco. One Honolulu. He said: “Through great suffering, through much tribulation, these have conquered.”

CHINA:  A man, a European, was lying on the ground. Close by lay his wife. On one side of her a boy of about seven or eight and on the other side a girl of about ten or twelve. Turning to me the angel said, “These have given their all for the Lord and His Kingdom.” He took a white wreath and as he held it in his hands tears fell upon the wreath and each tear turned into a diamond. It was covered by sparkling diamonds. He dropped the wreath and it lit by the head of the dead missionary.

TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY to MOSCOW and PETROGRAD,  He explained the state of suffering of those under Soviet rule. Some scenes were so pitiable that my own soul was moved to tears. He said, “The Dragon, the great red dragon, the hater of Jesus, the enthroner of the human beast-he shall come to his end and none shall help.”

He wanted to ask about Africa but was restrained by the demeanor of the angel. Only limited questions were permitted and some did not consider worthy of an answer.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: “The heart of Jesus was once gladdened here through the glory, the grace and the power of God manifested here. But human pride, formalism and lack of faith have brought disappointment to the heart of Him we love. But the glory will return, and the tried and true, those who have suffered and labored and prayed, will be rewarded. But all self- seekers shall be dethroned.”

INDIA: He could comprehend the soul struggle of certain elements. The angel said, “The present struggle is not a struggle to attain a knowledge of Jesus or to know His salvation. It is, rather, an endeavor to enthrone the heathen ideal of human efficiency.”

PALESTINE: He was made conscious of the enmity between the Jews and the Arabs. The angel said, “The Kingdom must first be in the hearts of men.”

PORTLAND: Church at Portland: “To my amazement, on approaching the building, high in the atmosphere a half a mile or more, I discerned millions of demons, organized as a modern army. There were those who apparently acted as shock troops. They would charge with great ferocity, followed by a wave, and yet another wave, and yet another wave. After a little while I observed there operated a restraining influence that constituted a barrier through which they could not force themselves. With all the ingenuity of humans at war, this multitude of demons seemed to endeavor to break the barrier or to go further, but were utterly restrained. In amazement, I said to the angel, "What does it mean?" He said to me, "Such is the care of God for those that strive in unselfishness for His best.”

I discerned the heart of the angel was overburdened. In answer to this the angel said, “Human selfishness and human pride have consumed and dissipated the very glory and heavenly power that God once gave from heaven to this movement as you have beheld tonight.”

We were now at the foot of the pathway again. He took a step or two away, and in a sort of despair my heart cried out, “Angel, these are struggling for want of an ideal. What constitutes real Pentecost? What ideal should be held before the minds of men as the will of God exhibited through a movement like this?”

During all this time I had carried my Bible in my hand. Reaching for the Bible, he opened to the Book of Acts, ran his finger down over the second page, that portion where the Spirit of God came down from Heaven. Proceeding through the Book of Acts to its great outstanding revelations and phenomena, he said, “This is Pentecost as God gave it through the heart of Jesus. Strive for this. Contend for this. Teach the people to pray for this. For this, and this alone, will meet the necessity of the human heart, and this alone will have the power to overcome the forces of darkness.” When the angel was departing he said, “Pray. Pray. Pray. Teach the people to pray. Prayer and prayer alone, much prayer, persistent prayer, is the door of entrance into the heart of God.”



I, this day, consecrate my entire life to glorify my Heavenly Father by my obedience to the principles of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. All my effort from now on will be directed in an effort to demonstrate the righteousness of God in whatsoever I may be engaged.


All things earthy that I posses shall not be considered my own, but belonging to my Heavenly Father, and shall be held in trust by me to be used and directed by the wisdom of the Spirit of God, as the law of love of men as Christ loved them may dictate.

If at any time God should raise up men wiser than myself, I will gladly commit my all to their use and turn over all my possessions to them for distribution.

If at any time in my life I should be engaged in any earthly business and should employ men to aid me in conducting it, I shall reward them justly and equally, comparing their own energy expended with my own after adding a sufficient amount to my own to coverall risk that may be involved in the operation of my business. 


I shall not cease to cry unto God and implore Him to deliver mankind from the effects of sin so long as sin lasts, but shall cooperate with God in the redemption of mankind.

I will have seasons of prayer and fasting in behalf of mankind, weeping and bewailing their lost condition and imploring God to grant them repentance unto life as the Spirit of God may lead me. 


I shall live my life in meekness, never defending my own personal rights, but shall leave all judgment to God Who judges righteously and rewards all according to their works.

By God’s grace I shall keep all hardness and harshness out of my life and actions, but shall be gentle and unassuming, not professing above what God has imparted to me, not lifting myself above my brethren. 


I shall consider righteous acts as more necessary to life and happiness than food and drink, and not let myself be bribed or coerced into any unrighteous action for any earthly consideration. 


By God’s grace I will always be merciful, forgiving those who have transgressed against me and endeavoring to correct the ills of humanity instead of merely punishing them for their sins. 


I shall not harbor any impure thoughts in my mind, but shall endeavor to make my every act uplifting.

I shall guard my procreative organs sacred and holy and never use them for any purpose other then which God created them for.

I shall regard the home as sacred and always guard my actions in the presence of the opposite sex, so as to cause a man and his wife to break their vows to one another. I shall be chaste with the opposite sex who are married, considering them as sisters. I shall be careful not to cause them undue pain by playing on their affections. 


I will always strive to be a peacemaker. First, by being peaceful myself and avoiding all unfruitful contentions, and treating all with justice and regarding their rights and their free agency, never trying to force any to my point of view.

If I should offend anyone knowingly, I shall immediately apologize.

I will not scatter evil reports about any person and so try to defame their character, or repeat things that I am not certain of being true.

I will strive to remove the curse of strife among brethren by acting as a peacemaker.


I shall not become discouraged when I am persecuted on account of the righteousness mentioned above nor murmur on account of any suffering I undergo, but shall gladly give my life rather than depart from this high standard of life, rejoicing because I know I have a great reward in Heaven.

I shall strive to make the above principles the ideal of all the world and give my life and energy to see mankind get the power from God to practice the same.


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