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 RHM_COLRA Prophetic Word For 2012  

 2012 "THERE IS A PEOPLE" Est 3:8 Then Haman said to King Ahasuerus, "There is a certain people scattered and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of your kingdom; their laws are different from all other people's,"

God is building a road through your past to your future!


2011 It was: I Will Reverse Your Exile. All Areas Of Captivity Will Be Restored To Wholeheartedness  Jer 29:11-14 CJB

2010 it was: Donít Lower Your Gaze. Do Not Focus On The Boisterous Conditions Surrounding You! Matt 14:22-31

20  2009 it was: The Removal Of Toxic Emotions. Do Not Let The Voices Of Your Past Define Your Future! Isa 43:18-19


 1. Don't Give Up

 2. If You Quit You Will Be Miserable

 3. Re-Evaluate Your Priorities and Motivations

 4. Listen To The Still Small Voice

 5. Don't Yield To Vain Imaginations



Progression In Recession

 Four Overlooked End Times Signs

 Part One War of The Prophets

 Part Two War Of The Prophets


 The Goddess Season of Jezebel

 Tares In The Wheat

 Strange Fire: Mystics In The Church 

 To Be Change Agents We Must Be Agents Of Change

 Encounters with an Ephraimite

 Halloween One Version


 One New Man

 The Spoilers Are Coming Part 1

 The Spoilers Are Coming Part 2

 The Spoilers Are Here Part 3

Enjoying God's Gifts

All Things Are Possible

More Prayer Is Better Than Less Prayer

Praying The Lord's Prayer

Different From The World

Never Enough

Help In The Battle

Seeing Clearly

Bars Or Stars?

A Curse Can Only Exist Where The Blessings Are Not Found

Developing Endurance

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, Everything Is Small Stuff







God Wants To Speak

Don't Be Irresponsible

Brothers And Sisters

Victoriously Tempted

Ethical Courage

The Roman Mile

In God We Trust

Keep Your Mind

Living In God's Presence


 The Feast Of Shavuot

 In The Fire With The Fourth Man

 Unwrapping The Yule Tide Mystery

 Which of The Ten Commandments Did Jesus Repeal?

 Yom Kippur

Don't Give Up

Are You Backsliding?

Kairos Timing

Eating Of The Land

Don't Abuse Grace



Don't Forfeit Your Soul

Choose Friends Wisely

No Exception To The Rule

Recognizing Red Flags

Finding Friendships

The Authentic Christian

Acceptable Deception

Quiet Enough To Listen

Hectic Lives

Keep Your Word

Keeping God Out

Repaired And Restored

The Art Of Self Deception

Slowing Down

A Continual Feast