The Renewed Hope Bible Institute was founded by Pastor Bob Hill to serve the needs of those who are not able to attend or can afford a Bible College full time, but still have a desire to learn as much as possible in their pursuit of biblical knowledge. Through the advent of the internet Pastor Bob sees the potential for a whole new era in biblical studies via RHMBI’S On Site and Internet Biblical Institute. We have built a team of dedicated Staff to work with you as you move through the certificate program(s). We will do everything that we can to help you become the person God has created you to be.

 Mission Statement

We exist to educate, equip, and validate those pursuing a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship to Him. We accomplish these goals by providing relevant biblical studies to those engaged in a journey toward Christian maturity. 


 Bob Hill is the founder of Renewed Hope Ministries and RHMBI, a local non-denominational Inter-City Church located in Vancouver, WA. USA. He hosted a thirty minute radio program called One Accord that aired daily for more than eleven years on The Crawford Broadcasting Network in Portland, Oregon. In 2000 he founded a network of World Ministries known as, (ARC) Apostolic Reference Council International with members and ministries in the USA, Botswana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. ARC International Africa is headquartered in Kanye, Botswana which hosts a training compound that includes a local church, ministry training for African Pastors, a pre-elementary school and guest quarters for visiting international instructors. A new twelve acre ministry and business training compound is currently being constructed in Mvuma, Zimbabwe. He is currently enrolled in a Master of Divinity In Hebraic Heritage Studies at Biblical Life College and Seminary Springfield, MO. Other university training includes a B.S. degree in Communications from Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington, Ministerial Studies Berean University A/G Springfield, MO. Arts and Science degree in Business Administration from Clark College Vancouver, Washington, Clinical Pastoral Education (12 CPE units) followed by three years as Core Chaplaincy Staff Member of Southwest Washington Hospitals Vancouver, Washington. Bob has been in pastoral ministry since 1978.

  RHMBI’S Chancellor is Pastor Ed Hinkle. He is an experienced administrator in business and ministry. He has 30 years experience in Human Resource Development and Communication Training. He has a BA in Theology from Northwest Bible College of the Assemblies of God and an  Associate Arts Degree in Education from Everett Community College.  His career includes numerous supervision and management positions with Weyerhaeuser Company as well as Delivery Manager with The Columbian Newspaper. The most recent years were devoted to ministry as a pastor and associate pastor before retiring from full-time ministry. He was a substitute teacher in Nebraska and is a part-time consultant to a local medical transportation company. Pastor Ed is an ordained minister with ARC International and attends Renewed Hope Church.

  Norm Franz is a Christian author, international Bible teacher and respected biblical futurist. As a former monetary economist and investment company president, Norm is a recognized authority on the problems facing the world's financial system. His proven insights regarding the economic mysteries of the last days and other end-time events have made him a prophetic voice to business, government, and church leaders worldwide. Norm travels extensively and is working to restore the Hebraic model of ministry, where God writes His Torah (Law) on the hearts and minds of His New Covenant people. Norm is an ordained minister with a Masters of Practical Ministry and director of Ascension Ministries Foundation. He also serves as an ARC Council Member USA.

  Pastor Joseph Madungwe is a native of Zimbabwe who founded Holiness Revival Ministry International. He received Diploma and Degree in Theological training at Living Waters Bible College Harare, Zimbabwe. He has started a bible institute in Harare. He successfully pioneered two churches while serving in The Apostolic Faith Mission of Zimbabwe. He is known for deliverance and healing ministry. He was involved in the national liberation movement within Zimbabwe. He was wounded during this war resulting in his incarceration as a political prisoner. In 1979 he was sentenced to death. God used this dread full and heartbreaking experience to convert and confirm His calling to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. From prison, he joined the Zimbabwe police force where he later resigned in 1994 to attend Bible College. In 2003 he became a member of ARC International, Africa. He is a Bible College lecturer.

 Associate Pastor Robert Hill, Renewed Hope Ministries Vancouver, WA. USA. Robert is a professional business manager involved in Market Place Ministry and a bible teacher. His area of expertise is intimacy and Davidic Worship.

 Suzi Hill, Office Manager RHMBI  and ARC International USA